Spring into stunning food photography with these budget-friendly props and tips!

Spring is in the air, and it’s time to start thinking about how you can infuse your food photography with the freshness and vibrancy of the season. But fear not, you don’t need a big budget to create beautiful and eye-catching photos.

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Here are some low-budget props and other tips you can use in your spring food photography.

Use seasonal flowers in spring themed photography

Nothing says spring quite like fresh blooms. Try incorporating seasonal flowers such as daffodils, tulips, and cherry blossoms into your food photography to add a touch of natural beauty to your shots.

Edible flowers

Use edible flowers in the recipe or as a garnish: Not only do edible flowers add a pop of color to your photos, but they also make for a unique and creative garnish. Try using flowers such as pansies, lavender, or violets in your recipes or as a beautiful finishing touch.

Fresh herbs. LOTS of them!

Nothing screams more spring than a lot of fresh and vibrant greens! Use herbs like basil, mint, and parsley to add a burst of freshness to your photos.

Colour palette

Think of the color palette that resembles nature: Light green, yellow, blue, and pastel shades are all great colours to use in your spring food photography. They’re fresh, bright, and perfectly capture the essence of the season.

Props that follows the vibe

Light & bright props to shine: Spring is all about brightness and freshness, so try using light and bright props to complement your photos. Think white plates, wooden cutting boards, and pastel-coloured linens to create a clean and fresh look.

Seasonal baking

Easter is around the corner, so why not incorporate seasonal baking into your food photography? Think carrot cakes, lemon bundt cakes, sugar cookies, and other citrus desserts.

Fresh and flavourful recipes

As the weather gets warmer, people tend to crave lighter and fresher meals. Salads, tarts, and galettes is a great way to showcase seasonal ingredients.

Dark and moody

Can you capture the essence of spring in dark and moody photos? Absolutely! When going for a darker vibe, consider the type of food you’re photographing. Is it a salad, or maybe a cake like in my case? Opt for earthy, neutral-toned props such as wood and natural ceramics. Include a pop of colour for a nice contrast with your darker backdrop or other props. Spring is the season of awakening, where we start to see a lot of greens, yellows, pinks, and blues again. Try to incorporate these tones into your story. Each color conveys a different meaning; for instance, green usually signifies freshness, naturalness, and health, yellow – youthful, happiness, joy, blue – trust, peace, etc. I recommend delving a bit deeper into color theory because using the right color can help you tell your story better. Additionally, use fresh, seasonal ingredients and flowers too.

Experiment and have fun along the way

Creating beautiful and eye-catching food photography doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Remember, the key is to have fun, experiment, and let your creativity run wild. Happy shooting!

Wishing you a beautiful and delicious spring season!

In case you need more help with choosing the right props such as ceramics, linen or backdrops – I’ve got you covered! Here is an ultimate prop guide to help you make choices.

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