Chocolate and berry granola

Trust me, you need this chocolate and berry granola in your life. It is super easy to make, full of flavor, and just enough crunchy.…

Vegan Singapore noodles

No words can describe how much I love Asian cuisine. Therefore vegan Singapore tofu noodles are my go-to recipe then I crave Asian culture-inspired food.…

Hey! I am so happy to see you here!

My name is Aiste and I'm on a mission here to show you that plant based diet is cool and eating plants is even cooler.

Mark my words - vegan food is much more than salad leaves and tasteless tofu.

Despite your dietary preferences, plant based food tastes just as good in any mouth, so all eaters are welcome here!

Creamy beetroot and orange soup

Creamy beetroot soup with orange and a hint of ginger sure is a crowd-pleaser. If you think that vegetables and fruits do not go well…

Vegan banana bread muffins

Think of vegan banana bread but in a form of muffins. Sounds cool, right? These banana bread muffins have everything the classic bread has to…


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